The 10-Headed Exercise

Just recently, I got really curious about the alignment of Ravana’s ten heads. I put the question forward to many of my friends expecting to be hit by a barrage of explanations (mostly of the kind involving shraaps and how his mom botched up some sort of dipping-in-the-holy-pond ritual). Waited…. Got none.

Its figurative, as in he was really intelligent”, someone proffered. Hmm. Hawking would come close with an 8-noggin.

It got me thinking. I placed 4 on each side of the main one. The last one just behind it. Y’know. The lookout guy, waiting for the ambush that never came. What I couldn’t figure out, for the life of me, was how a guy can use a 10-headed setup to his advantage. Wide-lens vision? Ok, given. But how would no.3 tell no.7 to check out the hot daasi at 4 o’clock; or say something nasty about the main one in the middle. And just imagine the Lankan doorways.

Somewhere along this exercise, I lost interest in finding out the real answer. But I wanted to see how long I can go on and make fun of this guy before someone got really offended. To see if big mythological baddies commanded respect, a reversed reverence. As it turned out, no one did get offended but I got a lot of Chhod Naas and Kuchh Bhi Bolta Hais ( 2 phrases that I detest from the very core of my heart).

But consider this. When someone at a house-party claimed that they had uncovered a glitch in some part of the Quran my uncle came up with a reply that has become almost legendary. He said, “Either you don’t understand it or you are determined to go to hell”.


One response to “The 10-Headed Exercise

  1. He chopped of his heads 10 times to please Lord Shiva. In return Lord blessed him with ten heads.

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