… in 40 years


The coldest February in Jammu in 40 years

Have you ever noticed how the “highest / lowest / most in 40 years” accomplishment receives such fanfare?

The longest Street Hawker Union strike in 40 years

I am at a complete loss as to why this particular time frame was chosen as the bar for newsworthiness. Why did 30 miss out? How about the more quote-friendly 50? Do we have a metal or mineral to represent the 40th anniversary? Ruby and Zinc were available when last I checked. “The biggest blow to Indian hockey in 40 years”.

40 years ago must have been a heck of a time to be alive, thought I. 1968. Music, Revolution. Organic-farming hippies. Maybe Feb, 1968 wasn’t that cold in Jammu. Maybe it was just a collective withdrawal from a long ganja trip. “The most successful poppy crop in Afghanistan in 40 years”.

There are other equally odious claims. “The biggest housing colony in Asia”. Asia is such a close knit, politically important collection of nations. I can even draw a free hand map of Asia.

All I am saying is, we should stick to 10, 25, 50, world and hemispheres.


4 responses to “… in 40 years

  1. Well i am not bothered about the made up statistics of this blog, what amuses me more is the keenness with which u bought ur last book called “1001 best ever albums “. Thousand and one.. Is it ok because 1001 is closer to 1000 than 40 is to 50 or because there’s some weird logic that accounts for it by which 1001 and 1002 become acceptable numbers but not 1003 onwards..? Just curious…

  2. First things first.. it was 1001 albums you should listen to before you die

    Secondly, the number here has nothing to do with the numbers quoted by the news, trivia-mongers and such. I would have loved it if my book was titled ‘1003..’. Getting more for your dollar is plain good sense.

  3. first things first, these ppl (the ppl who wrote this book) have some psychic powers.. either they forecast that there’s no more good music in the future worth listening to or that u r dying pretty soon.. also, u don’t seem to mind how bizarre the title can get as long as u get bang for ur bucks.. but u mind other ppl making money out of news with random numbers.. hmm…

  4. i go to mcdonalds and ask for a milkshake. the couter guy hands over the cup and says its the best cup design in 40 years. i couldnt care less. he then says that i get 37.86% (or any arbitrary number) more shake because its ronald’s b’day…luv it!

    .. see where im going with this? you are saying that “17% better” is the same as “17% more”. i am not. you are saying that “beat strawberries in 18 years is the same as “free strawberries for all”. i am not

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