Flying Pigs : My Pink Floyd Playlist


1. Pigs (3 different Ones) : The best track on Animals. Possibly Floyd’s best lyrics. I’d suggest listening to the entire album to get a better feel of this one.

2. Green is the Colour : A hauntingly beautiful song. Gilmour nails the vocals and the flutes are just amazing.

3. Lost for Words : It’s about accepting the hopelessness of life and learning to live with everything.

4. Coming Back to Life : A song for new beginnings. The bounce-back song.

5. Wish You Were Here : Waters’ and Gilmour’s ode to Syd Barrett. One of the biggest fan favourites.

6. Time : Dark Side of the Moon is a different trip altogether. For me, this is the standout track.

7. Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. 2 : This is the catchiest of the 3 parts. The one with the school kids singing their defiance.

8. Learning to Fly : The title may be a metaphor for Gilmour doing his thing with the post-Waters Floyd. Metaphors be damned, this is a straight-up rocker.

9. The Great Gig in the Sky : The band tinkers with the instruments in the background as Clare Torry takes center stage and kills with her vocals. This is inspiring other-wordly music.

10. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast : Alan Styles was a Floyd roadie (He’s on the cover of Ummagumma). This 3-part track is an instrumental tribute to a person who, it seems, was perpetually spaced out.


2 responses to “Flying Pigs : My Pink Floyd Playlist

  1. I LOVE “Comfortably Numb” !
    “Another Brick…” is my ‘anthem’…like forever !

  2. They who are not at others…

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