Bigot Nation

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For a nation with a history of subjugation, the myopic intolerance of Indians kind of knocks you off your feet.

I am not averse to hearing stories of how someone’s granny used to discard the crockery after a Muslim dinner guest had used it. That’s acceptable. Cute, even, if you have a sense of humour. But having national leaders making thinly-veiled comments equating the sensibilities of a whole community to that of a back-stabbing, murderous terror clan; and then going on to win elections; become big ministers; appearing on the cover of India Today; promising vigilante justice to the wronged (one community only please); being lionized by the general majority; having magazine articles detailing their daily routine, right down to the power yoga sessions and the 2 chapati meals… is a different matter altogether.

I am sick of hearing “Gandhi was not all that he is made out to be” or “People do not attempt to understand Godse. He was an intelligent man” or “Nehru’s socialist policy set India back 10 years”. Idiot! If only you knew what Nehru stood for. Don’t compare him to Atal Behari. Atalji was irrelevant 5 years ago. Nehru will be young till eternity. Nehru would have set you free.

The loyalty of minorities will always be suspect. Homosexuals will never be accepted. Right-wing nuts will rule us. And yet we will always rue the fact that Hollywood shows us in such a bad light.

You’re an Indian? You’re a bigot!


2 responses to “Bigot Nation

  1. You are right.

  2. Bigotry is a function of over population where the competition is high and you feel everybody else who doesnt think your way is wrong. Whatever religion, faith or cast, the only way of elimination is education which is not just in classrooms but from your mother’s womb. People should learn that its time to hear other’s prospective for there might be a better way of living their own life….tolerance, sense of society, respect, being aware of the surroundings will follow on its own

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