Violet Hill (Coldplay’s Back)

I feel giddy. Excited. Happy like a kid with a mouth full of chalk.

Coldplay are releasing the first single off their new album. As a free download. Let me say straight up that Coldplay make it to my top 3 ‘functional’ bands. Even a ray of hope of a Floyd reunion would have pushed them down a position, but that’s not gonna happen.

It’s called Violet Hill and the album’s called ‘Viva La Vida‘. Yeah right. What a silly ass, totally Enrique name. But like all things Coldplay, I am beginning to understand it. Like It. The other option was ‘Death and All His Friends‘. That one is decidedly Emo, so I’m happy they went the Espanol way.

As for the song itself, I have no friggin’ clue. Brian Eno is producing the record so it has got to be a little ambient. I expect weird arrangements and atmospheric sounds. There were rumours about African beats as well.

Are you confused like I am? I’d suggest you lose your expectations and get ready for a track you will like. Smart money’s on it.


2 responses to “Violet Hill (Coldplay’s Back)

  1. It seems as though Coldplay’s label is keeping a really tight grip on this track. Every blog that I’ve come across that once had it posted has been forced to take it down!

  2. I love the way Chris Martin belts down his notes !
    Free download ? :-O Awesome !

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