Songs from great Bands that you may not have heard but should definitely hear

classic rock

There are 2 kinds of rock music fans in the world (excluding metal-heads).

Type 1 : Claim to like Floyd and Straits but have listened to only “The Wall” and “Sultans of Swing”. Wear Black Metallica T-Shirts. Do the thumb/index-finger/pinky finger thingy at concerts. Cannot hold their own in any discussion about music. Do things with gel and hair.

Type 2 : Know a lot more about the bands that really matter. Don’t wear band t-shirts 3 days a week (In fact, they may not even own a single black concert T). Are intelligent (rule of thumb) and a delight to talk to.

Now, type 2 is a rare breed. Chances are that you sit smack in the midst of the masses. To make the transition to the other side you must dip into those records and find those little songs (never played on MTV or the radio) that will make you fall in love with the good stuff. Here is a little list that might help you find some of these.

  • R.E.M. – Near Wild Heaven (Out of Time)
  • Pink Floyd – Ibiza Bar (More)
  • The Cranberries – Dying in the Sun (Bury the Hatchet)
  • Dire Straits – Lions (Dire Straits)
  • The Beatles – Girl (Rubber Soul)
  • The Doors – Curses, Invocation (An American Prayer)
  • Coldplay – Spies (Parachutes)
  • Led Zeppelin – Over the Hills and Far Away (Houses of the Holy)
  • Nirvana – Plateau (MTV – Unplugged in NY)
  • Keane – Try Again (Under the Iron Sea)

2 responses to “Songs from great Bands that you may not have heard but should definitely hear

  1. you are totally right about this. i liked the taking a dip and finding those little songs. i often do that, just to discover the most popular ones are only a small window to what lies inside

  2. your comment could replace my entire post. but i like a little ranting and a little venting..

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