Bindra, Done That

Samsung issued a full page newspaper ad to congratulate our first Olympic gold laureate (individual). It said “Next is Abhinav Bindra”. For a moment, I was convinced that Samsung had taken out a hit on Bindra. I promptly fell on my knees and petitioned the lord for mercy on the poor guy. The endorsements game is so cutthroat.

Its fun to watch not only people but governments tripping on their own big feet to catch some of Bindra’s reflected glory. Karnataka and Bihar are throwing the money bags faster than they can be deposited. Andaman should be angling for its share too.

The news channels are being jackasses, true to form. I saw some distant uncle relating how young Abhinav would mark a cross on their maid’s forehead and try his hand with a toy gun. Such lovely stories. I saw his teacher insisting that “Getting 77% in high school is not a joke”. Well, last I checked…

I feel the excitement will reach fever pitch when we as a country achieve the ultimate Olympic prize – First Gold (any event) for an Unwed Woman Exceeding the Age of 28. I can hear the bugles now.

Jokes apart, a gold is always welcome. It’s worth more that Phelps’ lot (I think he can play checkers with them now) because the sports infrastructure here is pathetic. But why would anyone pick up Air-Rifle 10m (Men) as a sport?


One response to “Bindra, Done That

  1. I would suppose that, because 10m air rifle is considered the epitome of marksmanship among many shooters.

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