Why Ads Suck

fake ad

Here’s why.

  1. Good shampoo leaves behind only 3 grains of dandruff in the graphic, as opposed to the competition’s 20.
  2. Detergents have to have an obscure Preparation-X like magic ingredient (Tinopal, blue pearls, beads of heavenly joy).
  3. A pack of chips is always opened neatly and precisely, with chips right up to the brim.
  4. Ads for toilet bowl cleaning fluids always have a demonstration.
  5. Half-Hindi-Half-English taglines and jingles.
  6. 9 out of 10 dentists/doctors/specialists recommending a product. Makes you want to know the back story of the 10th guy. 10th Dentist, what have you got against Colgate?
  7. “Mutualfundinvestmentsaresubjecttomarketrisks…”.

One response to “Why Ads Suck

  1. 8. Most of the car ads are in slow motion

    9. Most of condoms ads have chemists in them

    10. Bad ladies are always fat

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