pet peeves
  1. The use of the word rocking
  2. Persistent telemarketers with rote-learned lines
  3. Sting Operations
  4. People who stand around TV news cameras
  5. Hindi dubbing on the Discovery channel
  6. Work from Home” flyers
  7. Having to explain a joke you cracked
  8. Celebrities “of Indian origin” getting undue airtime
  9. 4 day Diwalis
  10. Juhu beach
  11. Poor looking girls with colored hair
  12. Mall attendants
  13. T-shirts worn over shirts
  14. TV soap celebs
  15. Reality/Game shows with TV celebs
  16. Reality show contestants getting an image makeover
  17. People who snap their fingers in front of their mouth while yawning
  18. Men with long, painted pinkie fingernails
  19. Fake Adidas T-shirts
  20. Useless newspaper supplements

2 responses to “Peeves

  1. Guess No2 would change now? TDK

    and i cant believe you didnt like LOTR the two towers.

  2. point taken.. No2 refreshed.

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